I offer individual therapy either one-to-one or in a group setting.

All the sessions I offer are online (Zoom). My working languages are English and Italian. I understand Norwegian.

Online one to one session

Be met where you are, as you are, with any problem, issue, question you would like to address, explore, find clarity about. The session involves a “self-encounter” and lasts up to 90 minutes.

Online | Price: €114

Online group session

The session lasts up to 3 hours (with a short break) on set dates and is open to a maximum of 12 participants. There is time for two people to have their individual “self-encounter” in which they can explore their own personal issue (book “self-encounter”). The other participants experience the benefits of the session by either assisting in the process or by observing it (book “participant”).

In case you have never taken part in a IoPT session and have questions I am happy to talk to you. Just contact me›.

After having made your booking, you will receive a Zoom link before the session.

Online support group for involuntarily childless women

Take part in a series of 6 sessions that will help you deal with the emotions, questions and problems that revolve around involuntary childlessness. Each session lasts 2 hours on set dates. The series is open to a maximum of 10 participants.

Explore the themes for each session

1. The shock of infertility – Friday 5 April 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET
We thought it would be easy, but it did not turn out that way. Questions we will explore in this session are: What is our story? How are we dealing with the most unexpected change of plan in our life? How do we begin to navigate a life we had not even imagined?

2. Childlessness and trauma – Friday 3 May 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET
Infertility, pregnancy loss, IVF treatment, among other experiences, can all be traumatizing in themselves. In addition, they might also nest within previous traumas. In this session we explore the deep and multifaceted repercussions that trauma has on our lives.

3. Grief and loss – Friday 7 June 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET
Yes, it is possible to grieve somebody who was never born and never died, or lived only briefly. In addition to this, not having a baby is not one issue, it rather has many dimensions: we are going to explore the multifaceted repercussions that not having a child has on the entire course of our life.

4. Who am I now? Identity and the body – Friday 6 Sept. 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET
In a society that continuously tells us that it is by having a child that we become “real” women, who are we? Do we see ourselves as women at all? How comfortable are we with our femininity? We will be dealing with issues of identity, gender, and the relationship to our bodies.

5. Navigating relationships and friendship – Friday 4 Oct. 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET
When, one by one, our friends tend to disappear into their newly formed families, it is easy to become isolated. We might also not want to spend time close to children because it hurts too much. In this session we will address the question: How to manage friendships, relationships, and social engagements?

6. Where do we go from here? Looking at the future – Friday 1 Nov. 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET
Childlessness does not stop when you “stop trying”: not having children affects our entire life-course. For example, as we grow older, we will be reminded that we are “different” when people around us will start getting grandchildren. In this session we deal with the questions: How do we relate to the future? How can we re-imagine the notion of “family” so that we feel welcome and “at home”? What does not having children mean for how we organize ourselves and manage our resources?

OFFER 6-Sessions package (get 1 session free) €120 €100
(Friday 3 May, 7 June, 6 Sept., 4 Oct., 1 Nov. , 6 Dec. 2024, 17.00-19.00 CET)


After having made your booking, you will receive a Zoom link before each session.


‘I am looking forward to joining the online Support Group for involuntary childless women because I struggle with the fact that childlessness is still a taboo that is rarely talked about. Personally, I don’t know any other women who have gone through similar experiences, adding to the feeling of loneliness. I am eager to connect with other women, support one another in our different journeys of childlessness, and be inspired by each other’s resilience. I know that Cristina will create a space where all these feelings can be present and where she will guide us through the sessions with care and respect’ (Maria, Vienna, Austria)

More details

This is a safe space where you are welcome as you are and where all your feelings are valid. Here there is no shame, no judgement, no “have you thought about…?” You are one of us. Read more ›

The group setting is ideal to:

  • Realize you are not alone
  • Share your experience (as much or as little as you feel) or be inspired by that of others
  • Understand how deeply the roots of our grief reach into our past, minds and bodies
  • Find support and understanding while dealing with difficult emotions and important questions

I will facilitate these sessions by drawing on my own experience as infertility survivor, trauma therapist, researcher of the way society subtly makes us “invisible.” The sessions are designed to combine honouring our emotions (the heart) with reflections on issues that affect us as childless women (the mind) and strategies to improve our daily well-being (the body).

NOTE: This group is for involuntarily childless women who have “stopped trying” (i.e. they are not actively trying to conceive) and who wish to come to terms with the perspective of a life without children. If in doubt, or in case you would like to find out more, please get in touch›.

Online bespoke group session

Are you a group of friends who would like to work together? Would you like to have a “self-encounter” with your own group of participants?
Please contact me to arrange one or a series of group sessions.
I warmly welcome men’s groups.

Online | Price subject to agreement


Payment online by card or upon reception of invoice, either by card or bank transfer. In all cases please provide correct details of name, surname and address. Payment is required before the session.

Cancellations & non-attendance
If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance your booking can be transferred to a later date. With less than 24 hour notice or in case of non-attendance, unfortunately it will not be possible to provide a refund.
“Participant” bookings in scheduled group sessions and in bespoke group sessions: in case of cancellation or non-attendance these places are unfortunately non-refundable.
Non-attendance in a package of multiple sessions is also non-refundable.